Definition: Mashiz Research Council is a scientific and research advisory body in which all policies and infrastructure matters are formulated and explained.

Council composition:

A- Chairman of the Board / Representative of the Board of Directors of the Institute

B- Managing Director / Deputy Managing Director of the Institute

T_ Secretary of the meeting

C- Related middle managers (education, research, etc.) depending on the topic of the meeting

D- Central core of experts (two members of the faculty or owners of valuable research activities in each field)

R- The guests according to each meeting




Diagnosing and examining the challenges and weaknesses of quasi-families and finding suggestions and executive solutions.

Provide a standard quasi-family model.

Evaluation of research activities, scientometrics of supported projects and dissertations.

Establishing the necessary relations with domestic and foreign scientific institutes in order to cooperate in research affairs and exchange scientific services.

Introducing Mashiz Scientific Ambassador in specialized seminars

Creating the necessary platform to participate in seminars, and scientific conferences and cooperation with journals, universities and research departments of relevant organizations



The first quasi-family meeting in Iran