About the rehabilitation and training center of Hazrat Aboulfazl (AS)

We believe disabled persons are differently abled thus we run rehabilitation and training center to provide daily educational and rehabilitation services to mentally disabled persons over 14 years old.  Different vocational skills are taught to these youths such as carpentry, sewing felt, painting, and other vocational skills.  We seek to provide an opportunity for disabled persons to be self-employed and we had the honor to empower numbers of disabled children so far.


Our Impact


Number of admitted children 291
Number of Children in the center 65
Type of disability Mentally Disabled person
Number of trainable persons 36 persons
Number of educable 29 persons
Number of Marriage 33
Number of employment 45 persons
Received skill certificate from the technical and vocational organization. 61 persons


Mohammad Ali Afzali
Manager (Housefather)

Zahra Fakhar

Sedighe Afzali
Rehabilitation expert

Contact us

No 115, ,East side of Haft Bagh Square, kerman, Tehran

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