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The management of the 24-hour rehabilitation center of Fayyaz Bakhsh was transferred to Mashiz charity from April 2015. This center currently has 83 motor and intellectually disabled persons under the age of 14, of which 44 are unidentified and 39 are identified.
Physical – mentally disabled children- The number of physical – mentally disabled children at the center are 55(29 girls and 26 boys) in which they are sheltered in isolation structure with 3 separate rooms. The isolation section is equipped with several different safe toys.
Mentally disabled children- The number of mentally disabled children at the center are 28 (11 girls and 17 boys) which these children are protected and sheltered in different section.


The disabled are maintained in two separate sections of “isolation “and “non-isolation” which in the isolation section those with contagious infectious disease or any other type of issues are protected in a safe, clean section separately. 47 disabled persons are in the isolation section and 36 in the non-isolation section. Children of Fayyaz Bakhsh disability center are divided into two groups based on their disability types which the two groups are mental- disabled and physical- mentally disabled persons in which their shelter and ways of keeping them differs.


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