About Mashiz

Inspired by Islamic faith and guided by its values, Mashiz runs on a non-governmental and non- political basis serving round the clock for rendering services to humanity. Owing to more than 25 years of experience it has the honor to be in ECOSOC and to receive several appreciations and awards such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award.
Mashiz protects and empowers disabled persons and children in need. It puts a great deal of emphasis on protecting, empowering and reintegrating children back to their biological families or community to reach preferential status in access to due Home for Children (H4C), education, empowerment, health and treatment.

Mashiz Timeline

Mr and Ms. Eskandarizadeh, a young and caring couple aimed at sharing their love among children without parental care in 1990.
They sponsored few children at first then they decided to broaden their family, as a consequence they stablished Mashiz Charity in 1993. Back then Mahsiz Charity was fundamentally stablished with the aim of supporting and empowering privileged children in deprived areas of the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Eskandarizade established rehabilitation and care center for disabled persons to protect and empower them.
They stablished the first Home for children (H4C) for girls without parental care in Kerman, their homeland which the origin title of Mashiz is a name of a city in this country.
Treating and providing care for the needy was their next mission. Accordingly, they established 2 health centers of Abolfazl day-night medical and dental clinic and specialist medical and dental clinic of Hazrat Sayyid al-Shohada
Given the aim of providing family for children deprived, 9 homes were established and protects around 120 boys and girls in kerman and other deprived cities in Iran.
Samaria’s project was launched in this project over 100 families were sponsored, in this project warm food were provided monthly and were supported financial holistically.
2013- 2016
Aiming at providing family and reaching more children 9 more homes were stablished for both girls and boys across the country in 2013- 2016.
Mashiz charity had the honor to grant Iranian corporate social responsibility in 2016
Aiming at providing family and reaching more children 4 more homes were stablished for both girls and boys across the country in 2017- 2018.
Granting consultative status (ECOSOC)
Another H4C was stablished for girls deprived of parental care in 2019



We envision a world where no child is exposed to social harms due to parental deprivation. We seek to improve the quality of child protection by using national standards regarding protection, training and empowerment.
We intent to become an effective NGO in the field of providing alternative care in the form of Home for Children (H4C) as a family-based care with the aim of empowering children and youth without parental care plus supporting their families to create an opportunity for children to reintegrate.
We provide equal opportunities for all children without parental care by educating and empowering them to be future experts in different fields or profession.
Mashiz Charity, as a non-governmental organization provides care and protection for children without parental care. Our target is to extend our knowledge and experiences in order to develop the quality of our services plus developing useful guidelines. Our main mission are as follows:
  1. Providing alternative care, support and education for children by requiring a healthy and safe living environment
  2. Meeting children’s educational needs while acknowledging and developing their talents.
  3. Training life skills to prepare children without parental care to reintegrate back to their biological family or community.
  4. Conducting scientific and research studies in the field of social issues by using skilled and experienced experts to develop guidelines to be implemented across children homes.
  5. Developing more H4C across the country with the aim of reaching more children throughout the country even neighboring countries in line with national policies and standards with the aim of reducing the number of children in homes and making efforts to reintegrate them to their biological families.
  6. Empowering children affected by social harms and disabled persons in a way that not only paves the way for their return to society and normal life, but also can turn their inherent capacities into reality and make them effective for individuals plus society.
  7. Awareness raising and creating the necessary grounds in the field of prevention with the aim of reducing social harms.
  8. Empowering children and providing opportunities for them to be self-employed.
  9. Employment and entrepreneurship for the children under care with the aim of economic self-sufficiency.
  10. Providing financial and spiritual support by respecting human dignity of the target community and delivering accurate response to benefactors and esteemed supporters.


Message of CEO

In the name of God, the most compassionate and Merciful
26 years of Mashiz experience is due to the efforts of hundreds of responsible, trustworthy and honest people who compassionately put their full-time energy to support the needy, and children throughout the country specially the deprived areas of the country.
Concerning the primary goals of charity, we had the chance to extend our help and affection to the needy by the help of almighty Allah and considerate staff along with the quarter-century experience of the founders. We move towards development, empowerment and rehab more active than the past by preserving and promoting human dignity and self- esteem.
Today we thank our Lord who has helped us to take steps towards care and health of the next generation of our beloved Islamic community by relying on the awareness and great efforts of the managers and staff of Mashiz family.
We are now wishing to see the smile of satisfaction on children’s faces and yearn to witness the happiness of families across our homeland.
Here we have the opportunity to thank all our colleagues at Mashiz charity. It goes without saying while we use our experiences, we try to keep up-to-date, be innovative and creative to continue the quarter-century experience for reaching the highest peaks of success.
Hoping for a day which no tears would shed except for joyous tears
Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chairman of the Board of Mashiz charity
Mohammad Housein Eskandari zadeh and Dr. Parvin Abassopour