Anbarabad Girl's Home

Anbarabad H4C was established in 2019 in order to take care of orphaned and abused children in Anbarabad. Our team in this center is responsible for protecting 13 children aged 13 to 18 years. We aim to prepare our children for a useful, healthy and independent life in society by acknowledging talent and improving their creativity.



This H4C provides educational opportunity and services for children to pursue their aim and attend  best universities in the country.

Our services

1- providing school uniforms and school supplies

2- providing educational counseling for children individually and in groups 

3- Monitoring children’s educational process according to the set plan

4- Completing and updating educational files

5- Obtaining the grades of each child and following the creativity of children plus taking action to improve the method of educational program


  1. Visiting children’s biological family situation
  2. Providing counselling sessions for children’s parents
  3. Planning and taking action to reunite children
  4. Forming and completing social files
  5. Organizing care program meetings every six months for all children
  6. Completing the annexes of care program and following up and implementing its approvals

1- Providing counseling services for psychotherapy, help, psychiatry, psychometrics, and group counseling sessions

2- Holding social training sessions in the form of treatment workshops, life skills training, adaptation to the environment and home

3- Implementing intangible control plan, token economy, behavioral table in order to strengthen positive behaviors

4- Taking the necessary measures to eliminate psychological disorders

5- Providing continuous presence in training courses inside and outside H4C

1-– Monitoring personal and environmental health

2- Children’s check in line with the annual check form (every 6 months)

3- Monitoring the quality of purchased foods and how to store them

4- Pursuing the issuance of health cards for all employee

1– Throwing children’s birthday party

2- Teaching ablution and prayer to children

3- Teaching verses and creating culture in various educational fields


1- Planning to increase the physical abilities of children in order to maintain their vitality and vitality

2- Annual planning to follow various sports operations

3- Preparing different sports teams to participate in competitions

4- Examining the sports needs of children and responding to them

5- Active participation in sports competitions



Sedighe Bideshki
Manager (Mother)


Ms. Khosravi

Ms.Sahebi Pour

Sahar Afsharmanesh

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No 3, Azadi Sqr, Anbarabad, Iran

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