Andohjerd Boy’s Home

Andohjerd H4C has been established in 2017 to provide a safe and clean place for boys without parental care with 7 to 12 years old to protect them from social deviance.
We aim to build a positive impact on children and change their future to a better one, we wish to witness our children’s success and achievement in their field of interest.


Andohjard Boys’ Center
One of the features of this center is holding psychology classes, which include teaching ten life skills, individual and group counseling, plus performing psychological tests such as (anxiety, depression, and Gardner intelligence to identify children’s talents).

Our services

1- providing school uniforms and school material

2- providing educational counseling for children individually and in groups 

3- Monitoring children’s educational process according to the set plan

4- Completing and updating educational files

5- Obtaining the grades of each child and following the creativity of children plus taking action to improve the method of educational program


  1.  Visiting children’s biological family situation
  2. Providing counselling sessions for children’s parents
  3.  Planning and taking action to reunite children
  4.  Forming and completing social files
  5.  Organizing care program meetings every six months for all children
  6.  Completing the annexes of care program and following up and implementing its approvals


  1. Visiting children’s home and seeking a way to return children back to home
  2. Planning for child’s reintegration
  3. Providing social document for every child
  4. Completing and following up the care plan
  5. Obtaining license, birth certificate, renewal of insurance offices, separation of subsidies, equity shares, opening an account and … for children in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  6. Monitoring child’s life condition after leaving the care program
  7. Providing the opportunity for children to meet with their parents in prison
  8. Providing layette and dowry expenses
  9. Psychology (consulting services)
  10. Providing various services such as psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatry, psychometrics, group counseling sessions
  11. Social training sessions in the form of health care workshops, life skills training, community and home improvement
  12. Resolving psychological disorders
  13. Continuous attendance at internal and external training courses
  14. Health and treatment (Including individual, public, environmental, nutrition and food health)
  15. Individual and environmental health
  16. Health checkup every 6 month based on checkup form
  17. Observing the quality and ways of storing food
  18. Granting health cards for all staff

1- Monitoring personal and environmental health

2- Children’s check in line with the annual check form (every 6 months)

3- Monitoring the quality of purchased foods and how to store them

4- Pursuing the issuance of health cards for all employee

1- Throwing children’s birthday party

2- Teaching ablution and prayer to children

3- Teaching verses and creating culture in various educational fields


1- Planning to increase the physical abilities of children in order to maintain their vitality and vitality

2- Annual planning to follow various sports operations

3- Preparing different sports teams to participate in competitions

4- Examining the sports needs of children and responding to them

5- Active participation in sports competitions


Fereshteh Shourabadi
H4C Manager
Educational Background: BA

Mahdieh Poursheikhali
Educational Background: BA

Masome Poursheikhali
Educational Background: BA

Mahdie Ramezani Andohjerd
Educational Background: BA

اشرف شیخ حسنی
سوابق تحصیلی : دیپلم

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