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Rafsanjan H4C

Project creation date:

In line with the goal of raising successful children in the future, Mashiz Charity tries to provide a family for children and meet their needs. Rafsanjan H4C project is one of the projects that will be implemented in the future ...

Sirjan H4C

Project creation date:

Mashiz Charity plans for a brighter future of orphaned and privileged children in different cities. In order to make the children's lives happier and easier, Mashiz Charity has planned a project to build a H4C in the city of Sirjan. The ...

Bushehr H4C

Project creation date:

Bushehr Quasi-Family Center Bushehr quasi-family center in Bushehr city, with an area of 1584 square meters and a metal structure on four floors will be constructed. After its construction, the center accommodates 35 children and has full facilities such as quarantine, library, ...