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25 Sep 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

At the first congress of social responsibility of the country was held at the summit in heads of state conference hall with the presence of the president, ministers of health, science, co-operation and welfare, and a group of representatives of different institutions.

In this conference, the award and the national social responsibility symbol of Iran with Martyr doctor Fayyaz bakhsh title have been donated to the active institutions and organizations in the field of social responsibility, especially in the field of health, welfare and social security.

At the first social responsibility of the country congress, social responsibility golden badge is donated by the president to Kerman’s Mashiz charity.

According to the social responsibility symbol’s secretarial, among 197 applicant companies and institutions ,47 companies and institutions, reached the final evaluation stage of the social responsibility and by announcing the final evaluation of the selected companies at the level of honorary diplomas, bronze badge, silvery and golden badge , that in the meantime, Mashiz charity, of Kerman, received the first gold medal from the president for social responsibility.

The supplementary information of these institutions and organizations was collected until shahrivar 15th, and for receiving this award, the indicators for improving the health and social welfare processes, the level of public participation, effective ways to improve the quality of services in the direction of social welfare and social services standards are needed.

The main goal of this award is to create the necessary platforms for improving the quality of health services and improve the quality of services with the participation of social institutions. Represent the social responsibility target groups of Iran, includes the media, charities, individuals, institutions, government organizations, owners of goods and services private sector, associations, organizations and NGOes, research institutes, universities and scientific and educational institutions.

Mashiz charity is an institution derived from the background of the Islamic Society and has been active and in order to increase its productivity in the field of charity affairs and public benefit affairs in Kerman province since 1373.

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