About Golbaf Boy’s Home (B)

Golbaf H4C was established in 2008  in order to take care of homeless and abused boys in Golbaf. Our team at this center is responsible for raising 16 children aged 7 to 13 years. We aim to prepare our children for a useful, healthy and independent life in society by finding talent and flourishing their skills.


Imam Sajjad (AS) Golbaf Boys’ Center

The Golbaf family has paid special attention to educating their children in the field of sports from the beginning of its establishment until today, and many plans and efforts have been made for this issue.

Our services

  1. Providing school supplies such as: bags, stationery, textbooks and tuition.
  2. Individual and group educational counseling for children
  3. Monitoring children’s educational programs
  4. Recording and updating child’s educational status and progress
  5. Following up children’s grades and educational status
  6. Equipping bank of awards and library
  7. Teaching children life and educational skills


  1. Planning for child’s reintegration
  2. Providing social document for every child
  3. Completing and following up the care plan
  4. Obtaining license, birth certificate, renewal of insurance offices, separation of subsidies, equity shares, opening an account and … for children in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  5. Monitoring child’s life condition after leaving the care program
  6. Providing the opportunity for children to meet with their parents in prison
  7. Providing layette and dowry expenses
  8. Psychology (consulting services)
  9. Providing various services such as psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatry, psychometrics, group counseling sessions
  10. Social training sessions in the form of health care workshops, life skills training, community and home improvement
  11. Resolving psychological disorders
  12. Continuous attendance at internal and external training courses
  13. Health and treatment (Including individual, public, environmental, nutrition and food health)
  14. Individual and environmental health
  15. Health checkup every 6 months based on checkup form
  16. Observing the quality and ways of storing food
  17. Granting health cards for all staff

1- Providing counseling services for psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychiatry, psychometrics, and group counseling sessions

2- Holding social training sessions in the form of treatment workshops, life skills training, adaptation to the environment and home

3- Implementation of intangible control plan, token economy, behavioral table to strengthen positive behaviors

4- Taking the necessary measures to eliminate psychological disorders

5- Continuous presence in training courses inside and outside the complex

1- Controlling personal and environmental health and presenting points of view in this regard

2- Children’s check in line with the annual check form (every 6 months)

3- Monitoring the quality of purchased foods and how to store them

4- Pursuing the issuance of health cards for all employees

  1. Throwing birthday party
  2. Teaching and motivating children to do religious practices such as praying, reading Quran and etc..
    Providing Quran classes
    Teaching children social costumes in simple language
  3. Recording children creative artwork such as painting, storytelling and etc.
  4. Participating children in various celebrations and events
  5. Taking children to various trips (inner city and other cities)
    Holding different ceremonies and celebration


  1. Raising children’s physical fitness and health condition in order to maintain their vitality
    Providing annual planning and various sports activities
  2. Preparation of various sports teams for participating in sports competitions
  3. Assessing children’s needs and talent in sports and responding to them
  4. Participating in sports events



Taiebe Mir Taj Dini
Manager (Mother)

Moslem Ajir

Mosaieb Nasiri

Rahman Mozafari

Parvin Safari

Ali Houseini

Contact us

Shahid Hassani, Golbaf st, Enghelab

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