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10 Oct 2020

Story of our girl (Mahdieh)

Mahdieh,”I owe all my success to Mashiz Charity


Mahdieh is one of the successful girls of Mashiz charity who owes all her success to Mashiz Charity. She studied BA at Shahid Bahonar University and completed her master’s degree at Kharazmi University in Tehran. Mahdieh is one of the top talented girls at university across the country and now awaits for receiving her Ph.D. scholarship.

Here are some parts of her interview

My dad always told me “There is no need for a girl to study!”

I have lived in Mashiz home since the beginning of my high school education till the time I entered Kharazmi University (from 2004 until 2014).

I had a good family at the beginning, my father worked as a service force in the office and sometimes worked at the Emergency Department of Bahonar in Kerman, but when I was in primary school due to the separation of my parents and family problems, our life changed, and after that step-mother came into our life.

From that day on, our economic conditions became more turbulent every day, my father was fired and became addicted which made him no longer acceptable in society as an acceptable person. For this reason, we had to live outside the city. In our new place, my father became a guard to make ends meet. Our home was far from town, and I had to travel about 20 kilometers a day to go to school.

The distances and problems of life made me hear the whispers of quitting. When I was in fifth grade, 70 days after the start of the school, my father insisted on quitting school because of our poor economic situation and road conditions (heavy cars , snow and rain travels). My father use to say “you had enough education, why should a girl study for?” But despite all this, with the support of my step-mother I went to school.

My father’s manager introduced Mashiz charity

Our stepmother was so strict but her strictness caused our success. Our life was in an absolute difficult situation. Thus due to our difficulties my father’s manager introduced Mashiz charity for our education.

I wished my family also had the same facilities as Mashiz charity

The first day I entered Mashiz, I met Ms. Kamrani and Mrs. Ahmadi. I even remember that I had a school green uniform that was my school uniform. I was very happy with the entrance to Mashiz charity with all the facilities. Of course on the one hand I was happy and glad to be there but on the other hand I was down due to the distance with my family. I wished my family also had these facilities.

Today I owe all my successes to Mashiz charity.

At Mashiz everything was great, other children were like sisters, as if we were from a family. Sometimes we gathered around at night and talked about our memories, particularly our difficulties that we were struggling with. It was there that I realized all of us faced hard times, and most of the children either for family issues or poor economic situation enrolled at H4C.

I was sent to nonprofit school and enrolled in language classes by Mashiz

One of the biggest support of Mashiz charity was to provide us with the opportunity to study. They absolutely help when they learn what you aspire. When officials of Mashiz realized that I am serious in studying, they enrolled me in other classes such as English classes, Ghalam-Chi, even private schools which all these were quite influential in my life.

Mashiz has taken care of us in different aspects; food, clothing and etc. They truly were there for us. Of course there are always negative points but the strengths is incomparable to the weakness.


I studied PhD without entrance exam

I studied BA at Shahid Bahonar University in Kerman majoring in history and graduated MA degree in Islamic history at Kharazmi University in Tehran. At the moment, I am also one of the talented students whom can study PhD without the entrance exam.

If Mashiz didn’t exist I would never have thought of achieving these success. Truly Mashiz plays an important role in the advancement of children, and I thank those who founded this institution because they have been able to help many of the children of this community to succeed and assure their families that their children can enter the community and reach success.

Mashiz was full of sweet memories. One of the memories that I never forget is the holy month of Ramadan, which they usually took us to the Iftar ceremonies with different restaurants and halls like Golestan Hall which the children really loved. At that time, we gathered together and witnessed the joyous ceremonies that were performed for us. It was really amazing and would never be forgotten.


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