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20 Dec 2020

Mashiz Charity and SDGs

Mashiz Charity programmes support SDGs – in particular, the five goals which most directly affect children’s welfare and opportunities for the future. We call these the SDGs for Children. Here they are:

Goal 1: End Child Poverty

Helps families break the cycle of poverty

Provides capacity building, education, health care and skills-based vocational training

Ensures disabled persons receive skill-based vocational training

Ensure each child is protected in a loving environment, a safe place to grow

Goal 4: Ensure Quality Education for All

  • Ensure children receive education at any level
  • Provides access to early childhood development, care and education for both girls and boys without parental care

Goal 8: Equal Job Opportunities for All

  • Assist children and disabled persons to have access to quality education at all levels to live in a dignified life
  • Ensure children in need receive vocational training to pursue an independent life
  • Providing jobs and employment for families with low economic status.

Goal 16: Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

  •  Advocates for adequate child protection
  • Preventing child abuse by protecting children at homes and providing a peaceful and a loving home for children
  • Preventing social harms and child labor by protecting children without parental care at a family-like setting

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