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10 Oct 2020

Mashiz H4C

Home for children (H4C) A safe haven, a home for Mashiz children

Mashiz raises and protects children in a family-like settings with the aim of developing their mental, moral and social health in the form of H4C.

Guided by UN guidelines for the Alternative care for Children, H4C plans to reintegrate children to their biological families while empowering and providing a loving home for children within a safe, dry and clean home.

How does it work?

H4C is a confirmed approach which children are sheltered and protected from social deviance and domestic violence. Each home comprises of trained housemothers/housefathers, mentors, psychologists and cook.

Children receive individual support, educational and training services until they are ready to live independently.

Child participation, group activities and child-child interaction approach is another technique practiced at H4C in which children cooperate and participate in different activities such as playing games, watching TV, dinning with each other and other activities which a child experience with his/her own family member.

At H4C children find the opportunity to express their viewpoint about plans and activities, in addition to participating in different activities with other children and housemothers.

Who is registered?

The main target group are children without parental care and children at risk. Registered children are selected and transformed to Mashiz H4C by Iran welfare organization. It goes without saying before registration children’s status are evaluated and confirmed by the welfare organization. Children who are registered headless or deprived of parental care, those who cannot live with their parents due to: Parental physical or mental disorder Child’s being in emergency situation such as physical or emotional abuse Parents unsound mind or imprisonment and etc. Mashiz homes are separated in to two range of ages 12-6 and 18-12. When children are admitted they are placed based on their age and child’s siblings are placed together at the same setting.


Child exit strategy and discharge supports

Circumstances under which a child should exit a CCI depends on children’s age, maturity and condition. A child shall exit H4C when: – Returning to family after successful family reintegration initiatives – A child has the opportunity to live independently and has attained the age of 18 – A referral has been made to enable child to receive specialized services outside H4C

After child’s exit his/her life condition and status are traced and supported. It goes without saying employment, educational, and financial support is also considered at Mashiz exit program.  Discharged children also receive marriage financial supports along with dowry and layette support


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