Rafsanjan H4C

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Rafsanjan H4C

In line with the goal of raising successful children in the future, Mashiz Charity tries to provide a family for children and meet their needs. Rafsanjan H4C project is one of the projects that will be implemented in the future and will be put into operation for the children of the homeless and the children who are deprived of parental care.

The implementation of many projects and the well-being of the children will not be possible except with the help of country’s benefactors to facilitate the way of life of the children.

Rafsanjan Quasi-Family Center

Rafsanjan quasi-family center in Rafsanjan, with an area of 600 square meters and a metal structure will be constructed.

After its construction, the center accommodates 20 children and has full facilities such as quarantine, library, health and counseling, management, living room, bedroom, multi-purpose hall, dining room, kitchen, cold storage, changing room, reception, meeting parents, security, toilets, bathrooms, washbasins, facilities, housekeeping and think tanks.

Duration of project construction and its completion: Approximate estimate of 18 months